Friday, October 12, 2012

Julius, Baby of the World - DIY Storytime and Craft

The next Story/Craft at our homeschool group is inspired by Julius, the Baby of the World.
The riotously funny Lilly, last seen in Chester's Way (Greenwillow), thinks her new baby brother, Julius, is disgusting -- if he was a number, he would be zero. But when Cousin Garland dares to criticize Julius, Lilly bullies her into loudly admiring Julius as the baby of the world.Lilly knows her baby brother is nothing but dreadful -- until she claims him for her own. "Henkes displays a deep understanding of sibling rivalry and a child's fragile self-esteem....Lilly is a superb and timely heroine." -- Publishers Weekly. "

Lily wears a crown most of the time so we made and decorated cardboard crowns for our craft.  The kids loved being able to express themselves and of course, what kid doesn't like to be able to wear their artwork?  ;-)  They seemed to have a great time. 

So much of this semester is working out the kinks in all of this.  I feel like by the time I get the hang of things its over.  So, I volunteered to teach the same class to another age group in the next semester.  We haven't gotten the schedule made for the spring yet but I'm looking forward to feeling like I have it together... even if it is an illusion.  ;-)

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Danielle Huddleston said...

Isn't that how everyone feels? Everytime I finally master a subject, we move one :) Love that you guys have such a fun group! Really need to find something like that!