Monday, June 17, 2013


What little boy doesn't love a superhero story?  One where the good guys are defeating the bad guys... its every boys' dream, right?  

Well, I'm sure we are not alone in restricting our son's tv and movie viewing based on content.  Nate is just about to turn eight years old and we do not feel that it is appropriate for him to be watching modern superhero movies. Basically, all the Marvel and DC  movies are a little too mature for young audiences and all earned the PG-13 rating. They are full of violence and even sexual content that we are not comfortable exposing our young son to yet.

In an effort to meet our son's need for super hero stories we went in search of some age appropriate shows and movies that he is able to enjoy now.  This article that has superhero movies listed by age appropriateness  was helpful, but I felt there were more out there than what it listed so I have made a list of my own.

Kid Safe Hero Shows/Movies - good for ages 4-8

Super Why

Veggie Tales Larry Boy
Veggie Tales League of Incredible Vegetables
The Rescuers
The Incredibles
Iron Giant
Batman the Movie (1966)
Next Avengers animated series
The SuperHero Squad Show

Naturally there is some action and cartoony violence but I believe all of these movies listed are either G or PG.  But you know your child so appropriateness may vary based on child and/or family.   Also, most of these titles are readily available for viewing on Netflix.

While movies and shows are great for entertainment purposes there is no substitute for the one true hero in our lives.  Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for all of humanity.  More than any "superhero" could ever do.  What a wonderful example we have been given of true selflessness.

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.  -  Luke 19:10

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Danielle Huddleston said...

The Batman tv show is on Saturdays on regular tv. The amount of morals crammed into crack me up but the boys love it! The boys are also big fans of the League of Incredible Vegetables! I hope they come out with another one.