Thursday, August 25, 2005

6 weeks

Nate enjoys bathtime. He's such a cutie! We haven't found many things that he doesn't like, he's such an easy going baby! We're so blessed by him, I can't even describe it. As you can see from the picture, he is filling out rather nicely. When we went to the doctors' office Tuesday for our 6 week checkup he was 11 and a half pounds! I got the thumbs up from our CNM, she said even though the birth wasn't exactly as planned, we had a practically perfect pregnancy and recovery. She said everything looks good and she is sad that we won't be coming back anymore. We'll miss her - Kandy was great.
I've been helping my mom finish up the decorations for Shannon's wedding. Its the day after tomorrow! Ah! Things are coming together... pray for good weather because I really really want to get some outdoor pictures of Shannon and Eric at this beautiful garden area I found down the road from the church. I'll let you all know later how everything goes.

Per "Aunt" Cindy's request... here is the pic of the 3 generations of Penrod men by the Oakwood tree.

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