Wednesday, August 17, 2005

State Fair Fun

Last night we went to the State Fair and a Switchfoot concert. We got the tickets given to us at the last minute (thank you Edens!) and really enjoyed wandering around the fair, the good show that Switchfoot put on, and of course the great fair food - Isaac was psyched about getting his fried turkey leg... and I must admit, I liked it too. We found a nice gift for Isaac's dad's 50th birthday which is this weekend. Nate was such a good sport, he was a sweetheart most of the night. He was pretty tired and ready to go by the time we left though.
Last Sunday was my sister Shannon's bridal shower. We kind of threw it together at the last minute but it ended up coming together nicely. It was nice to visit everyone, especially all the babies. The wedding plans are coming along also. Only a week and a half left until the big day! I think the planning process has brought us Stahlhut women a little closer. Its been nice, us working together to make Shannon's special day happen.
We're going up to the lake this weekend. It'll be Nate's first trip up there. And it'll be a busy weekend with a full house due to Dane's big birthday. We're looking forward to relaxing and hoping for good weather... so far this year its rained every time we've gotten to go to the lake, darn.

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