Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Settling In

At 3 1/2 weeks - We're both doing well. I'm healing and am happy to say that I'm down below my pre-pregnancy weight... not exactly the same shape and size anymore but down in weight! Yeah me! Nate has grown so much already! His little face is filling out - he has the family double chin going on, and a pot belly on the way. He is such a joy. We're getting settled into our roles, he eats, sleeps and poops... Isaac is on a new schedule at work so he can be home with us in the evenings... and I'm getting used to being a new mom. There are certainly trying times... while he has no problems sleeping during the day, we've had a few nights when Nate doesn't want to sleep... just eat. Plus even when he does sleep at night - he is a noisy sleeper! So I'm constantly waking up thinking he needs me when really he's just grunting and groaning in his sleep. The nights wear me out a bit. He has been more awake during the days. He looks around at whats going on and takes it all in. We get smiles every now and then (probably just gas but I insist some of them are real). He is unbelievably cute! Everyone loves him. This child can never claim he isn't loved... he's got it coming from all directions!

We've been helping with the plans for my sister Shannon's upcoming wedding. We worked on the flower arrangements on Sunday, Isaac might be playing guitar & singing for the ceremony and I'm hoping to do their pictures. We're looking forward to being a part of that at the end of the month.

Also some friends of ours just got engaged! Congrats to Karyn and Isaac#2! They are such a wonderful couple and we're looking forward to seeing them grow together as they prepare to be married next April!

The photography business is good. I am doing pix for a wedding next April (besides a few potential gigs in the works). I'm not doing too many pictures right now, but I'm slowly working on doing more. I did some baby pix last week for my Aunt's new baby and I'm doing some Senior picutres this week. I hope to get my name out to the Avon seniors through this girl. This is a pix of my cousin... he's a month older than Nate... they'll be buds as they get a little older!

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