Wednesday, August 31, 2005


There is our growing boy! He's almost two months old and we're already putting him in some of his 3mos clothes!
Monday Nate had a doctor's appointment. He weighed 12 1/2 lbs! What a chubbster! I didn't know what the appointment would include - I thought it was just a check up. But we got surprised with him getting his first set of shots... we both cried. And the doctor didn't warn us that babies tend to cry alot, run a fever and sleep alot after getting shots. I wish they would have informed us a little better. Apparently its "widely known" that you're supposed to give your baby Tylenol just before getting the shots to minimize the discomfort and aftermath. Well obviously it wasn't widely enough known because neither Isaac or I had heard about it. Anyway, Nate is back to his usual happy-go-lucky self.

We're off to the lake again this weekend. We're hoping to take my siblings with us. We'll have to break out the tube when we go out on the boat! Whoo hoo!

Here is a pix of Nate and Jett, who is a month older. Aren't they a cute pair? Jett's hair stands up like a mohawk and his dad calls him Rooster!

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