Thursday, December 18, 2008

13 Links about Santa

My parents never did the "santa" thing with us when we were kids. My husband and I have no intentions of doing it with ours. We still watch movies about Santa, read books, etc. But we do not treat him as a real person or anything like that. No gifts are given "from Santa". I think its a great fairy tale or story to tell but not something that should be taught as a truth. I'm not trying to convince anyone - just stating why we do things the way we do.
So anyway... just for fun I found some interesting Santa related websites... and boy are there a lot out there! Some are pro-Santa and others are not. Some are just funny!

St. Nicholas: the real Santa

Give your child "proof" of Santa in a photo of him in your home.

Its fine to foster belief of Santa in kids.

The Santa Claus Conspiracy.

Will Ferrell Santa switch video.

Santa is God in the eyes of children.

Miracle on 34th Street trailer.

Santa Claus: Naughty or Nice?

Will the "real" Santa Claus please stand up?

Santa Clause 2 clip.

Should I encourage my kids to believe in Santa?

Put your face on a Santa picture.

You better not lie, I'm telling you why...

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Alice Audrey said...

My 11 year old daughter asked me why I did the Santa thing in the first place, since I try to be as honest with her as I can. I asked if she'd rather not have ever believed. She forgave me for lieing.

Danielle said...

We do not do the Santa thing either and I am starting to realize how confusing it can all be to someone Justin's age (2). People ask him about Santa and Christmas books always seem to bring him up. I just change the line to say "a man in a Santa suit" instead of "Santa" but he has not clue what people are talking about when they ask if Santa is bringing him presents. Does anyone know of any good toddler age books about St. Nicholas and how it all started? I am really wanting to teach him about the history so he will know what it is all about.

Brenda ND said...

Oh, thank you for the links.
Happy TT!

Wani said...

I have yet to find a book that is really helpful for this young of an age. We got "Santa, are you for real?" last year and it was ok... but not great. Here is a link to and a list of books for 4-8yrs about "the real santa claus". Let me know if you find a good book!

Anonymous said...

It is a tough thing to do when the culture around emphasizes Santa so much. We're not anti-Santa either-we will watch the movies and stuff. This is the first year that I've had to explain where the story of Santa came from. Alathea is insistent that there is a Santa, but she's three and strong-willed so I'm not pushing it. Bethany came home from school one day and was sad because to her, Santa was going to be visiting a friend's house and not her house. And she said that her friend "knows the true meaning of Christmas and believes in Santa too!" But since then she's been okay and tells Alathea there isn't really a Santa every time she mentions it! I've also tried to help Bethany understand not to argue with a friend if he or she believes there is a Santa. Tricky business! And then there's the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy...


colleen said...

I tried to put my face on Santa but it didn't work. Will Ferrell was funny.

All Rileyed Up said...

Great Will Ferrell clips!