Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This idea is care of my awesome sister, Lauren. She shared this with me and I'm totally gonna use it! She likes the Big Mac sandwich at MickeyD's. But its one of the more expensive sandwiches. So she found a way to get all the flavor of a Big Mac but for a little ole dollar! She orders a double cheese burger and gets lettuce, pickles, onion and special sauce - none of which costs extra! How cool is that?!? So you get all the same taste (minus a little extra bun, but who misses that?) for less than half the price! That definitely Works For Me!!


Wanda said...

I do this one.....I think they charge a little bit extra where I live here in Indiana.
Great idea.

Lynn said...

What a super idea. Now THAT's being frugal! I've heard McDonald's now offers iced coffee. I'm wondering if it's worth trying, as I'm sure it's much cheaper than Starbucks.

My Thoughts Exactly said...

Sounds like another friend of yours who just wants to cheat the system! (Sniz at Starbucks with her half & half!) Geez, what kind of people do you associate with? :)

Toni said...

That only works to a point at Burger King (I know because I spent 3 years of my life there, sigh.) BK outsmarted us with the "Whoppper Junior." If you order a cheeseburger, it comes with catsup, mustard and a pickle. But have it your way. So long as you don't ask for more than ONE of the following three items: tomato, mayo, lettuce. So you can have any combination of catsup, mustard, pickle, and onion plust just ONE of the those other items. But if you want TWO from that list, you're getting charged for a whopper junior. :D