Thursday, January 01, 2009

Year in Review

This is the Christmas letter I sent out to our friends and family in our Christmas cards this year. Its not alot of info, its just a brief summary of our year.

Dear Friends and Family,

We have had an eventful year here at the Penrod household. Isaac is happily employed at Penrod Counseling Center where he is both CFO and substance abuse counselor. Lawana is busy caring for our home and the boys and is happy to pick up the occasional photography gig on the side.

Nate, is three and a half. He is full of energy (and all the mischief that goes along with it!) and is eager to learn. He has already memorized almost half a dozen bible verses and has started sounding out small words. It has been so cool to see him become a little man!

Joe is twenty months old. Shortly before his first birthday we began seeking professional help to address the developmental delays we had been noticing. He has been receiving in-home therapy through First Steps since March. He has made improvements but he has a long way to go. We have seen some specialists and had a series of tests done but have yet to get any real answers as to why he is experiencing delays. We continue to be blessed by his gentle spirit and appreciate the few milestones that he has been able to reach.

We feel the Lord caring for our needs daily and we hope you feel His presence in your lives as well. We would love to hear from you all during this holiday season and throughout the year to come.

In Christ’s Love,

Isaac, Lawana, Nate and Joe Penrod

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Alice Audrey said...

Sounds like things are going well. Coolness. :)