Friday, June 05, 2009

The Things They Say!!

The other night my family was over and we were all just hanging out and talking. My sister was talking about her husband's job and the traveling he has been doing and somehow said: "Miami sucks."
Of course Nate would pick up on that!! Only he said: "My Yummy Socks!!"
So I tried to hold back my surprised laugh, as I was a little exasperated at my sister for saying the "s" word in front of him so I gave her a little slap on the leg.
Nate of course mimicked that too, proceeding to smack my sister's leg also!
It was all I could do to hold back my own embarrassed laughter and explain to Nate that Auntie should not have said what she did and I should not have hit her as I did and neither should he. The rest of the family continued to get a little kick out of the whole situation. Sigh... isn't that special?


Anonymous said...

Haha, it was pretty funny. Nate was lovin it :P

Sniz said...

He's pretty young to be learning how yummy his socks can be! Just what kind of environment are you raising him in? :-)

Isaac said...

Yeah... the whole situations sucks...

jan said...

I love it. "My Yummy socks!" :-)
Sooooo cute!