Monday, October 10, 2011

Silver Lining...

Sunday we took the annual fall trip to Brown County. Its so lovely this time of year and my husband's family has been going there every fall since his parents were in college together. They are big on traditions - they're all OCD like that... seriously. ;-) As we're leaving church to get ready to head down to Nashville together we realize my hubby's car has a flat tire. Completely flat. Well, we decide to deal with it later so we can get a move on.
So we loaded up the five of us, my hubs' parents and his bro and sis-in-law and their two boys into our two minivans. Along with all our food and goodies for our cookout lunch. We have a fairly enjoyable two hour drive down... fall foliage, my MIL entertaining Nate in the backseat... Just before we get to the state park my bro-in-law gets called in to work at the hospital (he hadn't realized he was on call this weekend). So we transferred all the food and my hubs' parents into our van and much to my nephews' disappointment they headed back to Indy.

Not five minutes later, just inside the park entrance our van dies. After some over the phone diagnostics from my bro-in-law we figure out it is the fuel pump. So... a park ranger loads all seven of us and our stuff into a pickup and takes us up the hill to the picnic area.
Nate had a blast at the playground, making friends with the other kids that were there. He and I walked the trails around the picnic area, exploring and observing nature together. Later Nate said our walks were his favorite part of the day. ;-)

We were able to have our picnic and chill while waiting for AAA to come tow the minivan and my mom to drive down in their 15 passenger van to pick us all up and take us home.

Even though it was a really long day... and we had some challenges... we were provided for. We were not stranded on the side of the road on a rainy day. It was a beautiful fall day and my mom was available to help out and my bro-in-law is helping Isaac fix the van... God is good.

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