Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Christine's latest

While we do not see quite as dramatic of delays with Christine as we have with Joe, she is still very behind.
She has been receiving physical therapy, and occupational therapy through First Steps since the spring. And we are getting ready to add developmental therapy and speech to the roster. Recently she began receiving cranio sacral therapy from my sis-in-law as well. While our schedule is swamped at times I am hopeful that we will soon see the fruits of our labor.
We are working on her upper body strength and encouraging her to be more mobile. She can sit well but isn't confident enough to rotate her trunk much. Christine does roll to get around a little bit and we feel like she is really close to doing some army crawling. She has much better eye contact than Joe ever has. And she interacts with us much more than Joe did at this age.

For awhile we were concerned about her eating skills. She has always been a good nurser, but in the spring she was not getting the hang of babyfood or taking a cup. Over the past few months she has taken quite a liking to food and is eager to sit down to dinner with us now. She tackles a lot of table food, but we still fall back on mashed stuff when we're having things that are too crunchy or tough for her. She has gotten much better with a cup. We still thicken her drinks a bit with rice cereal but otherwise she's taking cups like a pro now. Just the other day I gave her a cup in the car and she slurped the whole thing down all by herself! She is even starting to drink from a straw a little bit (which Joe just learned how to do at the end of the last school year).
Christine is a sweet smiley girl and she is happy most of the time. She brightens our days with her giggles and cuddles. Her brothers love to play with her and she loves the attention. So sweet to see them play together!
Continued prayer for her development is coveted. Thank you!

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