Monday, November 07, 2011

DIY Wreath

I've been getting my craft on! Take a look at my latest "ta-da"!!
I did not take step by step pix of this but I do have a few links if you are interested. I was inspired by some ideas I found on Pinterest. Here is a link that shows how to make a wreath form out of plumbing foam tubing. Have I mentioned how much I love to save money? ;-)
First I assembled the wreath form - basically just sealed it, curved it into a circle and taped it closed with heavy duty duck tape. Then I wrapped 2in strips of fabric around the form and hot glued it to the foam form.

After it was all wrapped, I added the flowers to finish it off. Here is a tutorial for the felt flowers I used. I'm not going to say for who but this wreath is going to be a gift for someone. I'll be blogging about that soon enough. ;-)

The Southern Institute

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