Saturday, May 12, 2012

Craft Camp!

A couple of us decided to put together a craft camp for our kids this summer.  While we have not done a craft camp before, we have done similar gatherings for Valentine's Day and Easter. Basically its a play date that includes a craft and a couple of games or activities on a certain subject, theme, etc. We may still have some kinks to iron out but we feel like we have a pretty good handle of how things will go.  I will post updates along the way to show you how it goes!  ;-)

We kept it to just families a small number of families to avoid too much chaos. Also we tried to stick with families who have similar age kids to keep things simple and not have to worry about too many different skill levels or interests. This is the invitation I sent out to a few families that we thought would be interested in joining in the fun:

We will be meeting from 10am - 1pm on Monday mornings through June and July ( June 11th & 25th and July 9th & 23rd).  We will rotate homes and responsibilities. Each time we meet we will plan on doing a craft and activity/games together, then share lunch.

June 11th - Lehi will be hosting - theme 
Summer/Beach  - we will be painting shirts for the kids (and adults if you want!) so you will need to bring a blank t-shirt for each kid (does not need to be new, just clean).

June 25th - Beth will host (teamed with Jen) - theme 

July 9th - Wani will host - theme
Fairytale/Medieval/Dress Up (Nate's birthday is on the 8th so I will have cupcakes  to share)

July 25th - Sallie will host (teamed with Mia) - theme Fair(?)

Whoever is hosting will be primarily in charge of the day's activities and crafts (though still might share that responsibility with someone else if needed).  The other moms would then be responsible for bringing the food for everyone to share for lunch. We will assign different foods each week to help keep things running smoothly.

** Here are some websites that we used as inspiration when getting ideas for this "craft camp".  Feel free to use them or other online resources when planning your share of the camp.

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I am eager to get things started! We enjoy getting together with our friends and of course we love doing craft things too!  Its going to be a fun summer! Feel free to send me any links or suggestions you may have to help our craft camp go smoothly!  Thanks!

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Hey Wani! Camp craft sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun. Great thoughts about organizing as well (small families, similar age groups, creative themes and different hosts etc). I'm not sure what your age group is, but we just put together an article about making camp lanyards. Could be a lot of fun!