Thursday, May 10, 2012

Freezer Cooking

I have lofty goals of someday being a super couponer who does freezer meals and has it all together.  But for now I am working on baby steps here.  The couponing thing is more of a casual thing for me right now.  So, I decided to work on the freezer cooking area for awhile and see if I can make some headway there.
As with any thing you have to find what works for you and your life and schedule, etc.  Thankfully there are tons of great resources out there to help you get started.

Money Saving Mom has some great tips and printables on how to do Freezer Cooking
The Kitchen Witch Freezer Cooking (also my photo source)
Lots of great ideas, tips and recipes at Once a Month Mom 
I think this one was one of the pioneers of freezer cooking: 30-Day Gourmet

If you like crock pot meals try this list of recipes from KoJoDesigns
Joelen has a great list of freezer friendly meals on What's Cookin' Chicago

What I have been doing is making large batches of easily frozen items from time to time.  So, as of yet, I have not done any large scale freezer cooking days where I stockpile a whole month's worth of meals or anything like that.  Every couple of days I make extra of something and pop the excess in the freezer.  I've done taco meat and shredded chicken for use in various dishes as well as a few complete mini meals.  Here are a few recipes that I have used lately:

mini quiches (bacon, egg and cheese biscuit muffins)
pizza muffins
pancakes (I use the recipe in my mom's old Betty Crocker cook book - but modify it some, sometimes we'll have apple cinnamon, choc chip, banana, etc)
taco cups
french toast (pretty basic, but when we reheat them we use the toaster!)

I'm enjoying seeing my little freezer stockpile grow.  It makes me feel like I've got a good amount of backup for those days when we're super busy and I done have time to fix a whole meal.  Maybe someday I'll brave the big freezer cooking day... but for now I feel good about taking my baby steps!  ;-)

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