Monday, May 07, 2012

Look whooo's TWO!!

Update: Christine has been getting increasingly active lately. She recently learned how to transition from her belly to sitting. She is doing it all the time! And so proud of herself too! Though it sometimes put a damper on naptime because she'll sit up and want to play instead of falling asleep right away! But its a good problem to have!  All of her therapists are excited about the progress that she has been making.  And of course, so are we!
Another big change is that Christine is done nursing.  It really was a gradual process, but almost accidental.  I was planning on nursing until she was two and I made it within two weeks!  We were down to only bedtime feedings for the past few months and then recently it was getting to be every other night.  Then a couple of weeks ago we had a couple nights where she was trying to bite me and I stopped and tried again the next day only to have her bite again.  Then the next night she wasn't interested at all.  It is a little bittersweet since Christine is probably my last baby.  But we had a good run and I am happy that I was able to nurse her for 23mos and 2weeks.  ;-)  

Christine's cute little owl outfit is a mommy-made creation!  I have had the tank top and leggings for awhile (I got them on clearance at Children's Place).  Then just a few weeks ago I found the coordinating owl fabric at Walmart and added the skirt to the top and made the matching hair clip.  The cute little owl buttons on the top and hair clip I found at JoAnn Fabrics.
What is a party without a little drama?  Joe got upset just as people started arriving and Christine is a sympathetic crier.  She was so sad.  But once things got going both she and Joe had a great time!

I wanted to do a little craft with the kids but I did not want to have a whole lot of prep-work or anything.  I was inspired by these toilet paper tube owls.

So I gave the kids some tp rolls and markers and let them go crazy!  Ours aren't quite as fancy as the inspiration ones but they're cute!
We also did a played "Pin the Owl in the Tree" with the kiddos.  Nothing fancy but they had a good time!  Some of the owls looked like they were going to take a nose dive!  ;-)

A friend from church loaned me some owl party decorations that she had printed out for her daughter's birthday party a couple of months ago.  They were awesome!  You can by the printable PDF files on Etsy HERE.

I pinned this Owl Cupcake Cake on Family Fun's website a couple of years ago and have been dying to use it!  

I try to give myself a little slack and not expect my creations to look exactly like the inspirations... especially since I improvise a lot!  ;-)  All in all, I was pretty happy with my owl cupcake "sculpture".

We all enjoyed the cupcakes. But none as much as Christine.  She devoured it!  I turned away for a second and she had nearly the whole thing in her mouth, wrapper and all!  And she decided that I needed to be smeared with icing just like her.  It was so cute!
As usual the birthday girl was blessed with wonderful gifts from our families. Its funny how Christine gets clothes as a gift way more than the boys ever did!  ;-)  I guess its because girls are so much more fun to buy clothes for... they're so darn cute!!

Thanks again to all our family for being such a wonderful source of love and support to us!  
We love you!

"The love of a family is Life's greatest blessing."

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