Monday, June 25, 2012

Craft Camp Week 2 - Patriotic

 We just had our second Craft Camp!  It was another success! The moms in charge this week were self-proclaimed craft-challenged but we all thought they did a great job with their patriotic theme!

 The kids all painted stripes on flower pots and we mod-podged on some shiny stars around the top. 
 After the pots had dried we helped them plant some pretty petunias in their festive hand-painted pots!  How cute!

The kids had such a great time playing on the trampoline and tossing the red, white and blue  balloons around!  We only had a few tears when the balloons popped!  ;-)
 We had all American hot dogs for lunch and followed it with some yummy patriotic sundaes!

Plus the kids got to take home sparklers and star bubble necklaces!  What fun!

Thanks for another great craft camp ladies!  You have all set the bar high... I am hosting next time and I'm a little nervous!  ;-)

 The Southern Institute

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