Tuesday, June 05, 2012


 Confession... I still like taking those dumb online quizzes.  Sometimes they are completely ridiculous and you can hardly find an answer that actually does fit you... and sometimes it feels like they totally get you!  ;-)  Anyway, if nothing else they are fun!  Maybe these ones will help you to get to know me a little more!

Quiz: What's Your Fashion Style?

My Style Is: Subtly Sexy
You're magnetic, sensuous, and full of life. You love to laugh, indulge in delicious food and drink, and be touched by someone you love -- anything that tickles your senses. You've got charm and charisma, and seem to enchant everyone you meet. Your clothes reflect your sexy nature. You relish the feel of luxurious fabrics against your skin, and you dress to bring out your alluring side.
Your wardrobe staples:
  • Wide-leg pants in silky materials that flow when you walk.
  • Long or short skirts in velvet, suede, and leather -- any material that feels wonderful.
  • Wrap tops that show off your shape.
  • Camisoles, tees, and light sweaters with details like lace, a ruffle, or embroidery.
  • Sexy, strappy heels.
  • A glittery, oversized ring that catches the eye.

What is Your Parenting Style?

The Middle Ground Style

The Middle Ground parent is a model in parenthood. This type of parent acts as a teacher and guidance counselor in a child’s life. The parent offers guidance, not control. The parent understands what Maslin calls “kidology,” the real life developmental stage of a child. This helps a parent understand a child’s actions, determining whether they are in fact rebelling. For example, a five-year-old who cheats at a game might be exploring the boundaries of rules, trying to understand why he can’t change the rules when playing with a friend. Realizing the five-year-old isn’t trying to be mean to his friend, the Middle Ground parent explains why a game has rules rather than punishing him. Another example is a toddler who pushes a can off a shelf. She or he is probably exploring the world around them rather than acting out. It takes a lot of effort to be a Middle Ground parent, says Maslin, especially when a parent is exhausted. But the work is worth it. When the parent is “frustrating a child,” allowing them to work through difficult situations on their own, this creates good decision making skills for a child’s lifetime.

How you scored

20% - Boot Camp Style
0% - Anything Goes Style
10%  - Mixed Marriage Style
70% - The Middle Ground Style
88% of users are like you

What's Your Homeschool Style
Your Result: Unschool
You believe learning comes naturally and that you're learning 24/7. Many people who don't homeschool don't understand unschooling, but that doesnt mean it's bad. You have little tolerence for curriculums.
Unit Studies
School at home
What's Your Homeschool Style
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