Monday, June 04, 2012

shirt-to-dress refashion

I did a fun little refashion a couple of weeks ago.  Somehow I misplaced the photos on the computer and I just found them! 
I got this maternity shirt at a yard sale for $.50 because I liked the pattern. I figured I could turn it into something for Christine.  I have seen lots of tutorials (like this one) online for similar transformations and wanted to give it a shot.
 I kept it pretty simple.  I just cut the shirt just below the bust-line.  Then I cut the top part down to size (I had measured one of my daughter's dresses for sizing purposes), so it ended up being a bit on the small size because I had to work around the part where the sleeves attached.  But it worked out ok because the back of the shirt was shirred and stretched a bit.
I sewed the two top pieces together on the sides. Then I gathered the shirt part and sewed it to the top part.  I took the strings that used to tie in the back and used them to tie around the neck.
I used some leftover fabric to make a rolled rosette hair clip to match the dress.

 How cute is she?  Christine loves being mommy's little model!  She gets the biggest smiles for me when I get the camera out!  Love it!


I know its not super fancy but I think it it awesome for a $.50 investment and a little time! 

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blissfulsewing said...

This is such a great idea,thanks for sharing!

Kristin said...

That is too cute and I love the pattern of the fabric too =)

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