Monday, August 06, 2012

DIY Wedding

Hannah & Ted's DIY Wedding

When my sister announced in April that she was engaged we assumed we would have awhile to plan... when she shared that they were planning on getting married in August we felt hurried!  That is barely enough time to plan a wedding, especially when you are a DIY family! Almost right away we made a whole Pinterest board dedicated to ideas for the wedding.  For awhile we were all just coming up with random ideas and concepts (there is a whole lot more on the board than what I've included in this post).
It took us a little while to pare down to the things that actually worked together.  Hannah and Ted are both English majors so we decided to incorporate a literary theme into the wedding. From then on things sort of fell into place.  It was a lot of work but we are so pleased with the results!  Here are photos and links to a few things that inspired us followed by our interpretations of them:

Whew!!  It has been a whirlwind of activity this summer.  I am looking forward to winding down from it all but we are so happy with how it turned out!

If you are interested in seeing more photos from the wedding visit my photography site at: or on facebook under Unforgettable Photography.

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Bayli said...

You did an amazing job Lawana! It was all perfect! We loved the decor! Though it was a little painful to see books cut up into hearts! lol!

Danielle said...

Beautiful job! Looks like they had a beautiful wedding! Were you the photographer as well?

Wani said...

Danielle - I was the photographer... we had big plans to do a session on the campus of Marian University (where Hannah and Ted met) but because the groom was sick we had to ixnay that. :-( I'm hoping we can do a wedding shoot at another date but we'll have to see.

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my site and leaving a link to your diy wedding post. great job on these!!! love the chalkboard look for their backdrop!

Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

What a beautiful wedding!!!

Just Jaime said...

Love the chalkboard!

Sarah said...

I was only engaged for 2 months! My husband asked me to marry him July 1, 2011 while on a camping trip with our friends. While planning, it got really crazy and the guest list got too huge, so we decided on a Wednesday afternoon to call up our pastor and see if he could marry us that next Thursday!

He said yes!!

We were marrying Thursday Sept 8, 2011 at 4 pm in the afternoon at a local park.

It was perfect!!