Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lakehouse Fun!

We have enjoyed a few weekends at my inlaws' lakehouse.  My sweet girl and I sportin' our shades.
It was a little chilly so we were pansies for awhile and eased our way in... should have just jumped in and gotten it over with!  ;-)
Me with a couple of my favorite girls!
Nate had a blast on his first tube ride!  He was hesitant at first but he loved it!
We took our friends to Rocket Science Ice Cream in Nappanee, Indiana for an tasty treat!
 We have loved being able to share the lakehouse with our friends.  Sadly my mother-in-law's health has declined and her compromised immune system is too susceptible to sickness and infections.  For the sake of her health our visits will be family only in the future. 

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