Friday, August 23, 2013

Going Out to Dinner Gluten-Free Style

One of the hardest parts of going gluten-free is dealing with dining out.  There are great resources out there that offer tips on dining out gluten-free.  Here is an article posted on that is pretty detailed.  And Urban Spoon has a list of gluten-free friendly restaurants.

In addition to having a gluten-free menu Red Robin also offers a gluten-free bun. I did call ahead to my local Red Robin to make sure they serve the gluten-free bun and they do!

Olive Garden (one of my long time favorite restaurants!) has a gluten-free menu that offers a good selection of delicious looking items that are safe for gluten-free customers and suggestions on substitutions.

Mexican food has been a part of my diet my entire life.  I remember being amazed when I was a kid and watched my mom and my grandmother roll out flour tortillas for family meals.  They were so fast and that little ball of dough quickly became a perfect circle under their skilled hands and a wooden rolling pin.  So naturally I have a love for Mexican food still.  Here is a great post that offers tips on how to ask the right questions when you eat gluten-free at Mexican restaurants.  Taco Bell has slim pickings for gluten-free customers but Chipotle and Qdoba offer a selection of gluten-free options including burrito bowls and crispy tacos.

A particularly difficult cuisine is Chinese.  Many soy sauces have gluten in them and that makes it very difficult to find menu items that do not contain gluten.  Here is post with tips on eating at Chinese restaurants.

How could I do a post about dining out without including pizza?!?  The following pizza places (in our area) offer gluten-free pizza:  Incredible Pizza Company, Monical's, Rockstar Pizza, Fox's Pizza Den, BJ's Brewhouse, Dominos... we have yet to try them all but don't worry, we'll get there.  Maybe I'll do a post comparing pizza places sometime down the road.  ;-)

Now I want to emphasize that while a gluten-free diet has been recommended for Joe and Christine because of their developmental delays, none of us suffer from any severe allergies to gluten (that we're aware of).  So, we may be a bit more lenient than some int he area of cross contamination and such. If you have serious allergies you may want to consider an allergy card to use when dining out.

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