Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Here is a quote from President Truman I as he addressed the
American people from the lawn of the White house on the occasion of
lighting the National Community Christmas Tree, December 24, 1952.
It is not a clear statement of the gospel but it does reflect an
understanding of various truths. And since he probably had a speech
writer, it might not reflect him at all. What does strike me is what
a president said publicly just 57 years ago - JDM

"Through Jesus Christ the world will yet be a better place and a
fairer place. This faith sustains us today as it has sustained
mankind for centuries past. This is why the Christmas story, with
the bright stars shining and the angels singing, moves us to wonder
and stirs our hearts to praise. Now, my fellow countrymen, I wish
for all of you a Christmas filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit,
and many years of future happiness with the peace of God reigning
upon this earth."

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