Sunday, April 05, 2009

Baby Boom!

During my prayer time the other day I realized that I have eight friends and family members who are pregnant right now! Wow! That is a lot of babies on the way.
I remember my pregnancies were both very different. I thought maybe I'd have the hang of things the second time around but it was a whole new ballgame! Every pregnancy is different, just like every child is unique. New symptoms and feelings. New questions about what is happening with our bodies. Is it normal to have cramping periodically? How much weight should I be gaining? What food should I be eating? The list goes on and on. Sometimes it is hard to know where to turn for answers.
Thankfully there are a lot of resources available now. Hopefully your doctor is a wealth of knowledge for you. If not you can always turn to older friends and family members who have had children. Or for many of us... there is the internet!
There are many websites out there to help answer our questions. When we have concerns about health and safety during the pregnancy or even labor and delivery we can get answers online. So when you start wondering what position is best to sleep in, or what kind of birth do I plan on having: hospital or homebirth, there are lots of answers to be found. Don't be afraid to go looking for them!
Pregnancy is a major life event that can be confusing and challenging. It is always good to address our concerns and get the answers we need so we can move forward informed and prepared.

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Toni said...

What a sweet photo, Wani. Btw, I was laughing soooo hard at the video link you shared. Carl and I both were. Hilarious.