Sunday, April 19, 2009

30x30 Amended!

So... I've amended my 30 by 30 list a little bit. I figure its my list and my life and if I want to change my list then that is my prerogative! Right? Anyway... here is the list with the changes and updates:
1. Take a "real" vacation with my husband. Alone! ;-)
2. Go to a professional sporting event (of one of "his" teams) with my husband.
3. Go on a trip with my girls!
4. Watch more classic movies. Isaac and I are going through the AFI Top 100 Movies and we've found some good ones! *changed from silent film
5. Scrapbooking retreat.
6. Take Nate to amusement or waterpark. I think we might do that for his birthday this summer.
7. Get good outdoor family pictures done.
8. Have the entire house clean at one time. sigh... I don't know if this one is going to happen!
9. Go skinny dipping! Too cold!
10. Community Service. This weekend I'm giving some families staying at a local shelter the gift of family pictures.
11. Own a minivan. *This one may not happen before I'm 30.
12. Feel comfortable in my own skin.
13. Get better at managing my time. *Its a work in progress.
14. Paint our master bedroom.
15. Get in touch with some old friends.
16. Read all Jane Austen's books... *This one I'm changing to read "a" Jane Austen book. I've seen a couple of the movies already and I find it really difficult to read a book when I already know what happens.
17. Find a Christmas tradition to replace gifts.
18. Begin homeschooling my boys. *This should happen in the fall.
19. Decide if/when we're having more kids. *Thinking about it.
20. Expand my photography business. I've got a few gigs lined up. And I want to start marketing.
21. Get all my scrapbook pages into albums! * Daunting!
22. Finish reading the entire bible with my husband.
23. Go to Hearts at Home conference. *Hopefully in October!
24. Show my husband that I respect and appreciate him. He said that I can mark this one off because I already do this through lots of little things that I do. ;-)
25. I'm combining this with the original #27. Its going to be help develop and grow my church's women's ministry.
26. Go see a live musical. *We're hoping for Wicked in June!
27. Become involved in a mom's group/play group of some kind.
28.Write out our will. *Not looking forward to this one!
29. Take a continuing education class for fun.
30. Read a book that my husband recommends.

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