Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Weekend FUN!!

We went to the lake for the holiday weekend. It was great weather and we all had a good time together. My sister came with us and my inlaws were there too.Isaac and I went out to dinner for his birthday together. After which we took a nice walk in the woods where I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. I'm still waiting for those bites to go away!
Above you can see the excitement when Nate found a turtle on the beach. Daddy wouldn't let us keep it. ;-)
This isn't exactly the family beach picture that I've always wanted but its something. Nate had a blast in the lake. It was a little chilly for me.
And of course what is a weekend at the lake without some s'mores by the campfire? Good times.

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Toni said...

Totally loving that last family photo, Wani. So nice!