Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Loser Progress Report

I have been working hard at implementing new healthy habits into my life. I have been taking advantage of my trial membership at Curves by doing their 30min circuit MWF and I have also been walking and working out (sometimes weights, sometimes yoga) with a friend on the days that I do not go to Curves.
I believe that I'm more likely to stick with changes if I do not try to do too many at a time. I think it helps to do one or two for awhile until they become a habit then add another after awhile. That is my reason for not changing much about my diet right now. I have gone from never working out to working out nearly every day. That is a big change. I am keeping an eye on my portion size most of the time but I'm not counting calories or anything (yet).
While I am not exactly seeing huge results just yet, I do believe this is a small, but important step in the direction of a healthier life for me and my family and that is the goal I am trying to focus on. Though if I lose a few pounds in the process I would not complain!

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