Thursday, May 07, 2009


So, one of the things on my 30x30 list is feeling comfortable in my own skin. I have been really struggling with this one lately.
When I weaned Joe last Aug/Sept-ish I was at 165lbs, which was about what I weighed when we got married in '03. I was feeling pretty good, but still felt that I could use to lose some more weight. But my metabolism changed alot when I stopped breastfeeding and winter set in, keeping me indoors alot more and now, I'm 25lbs heavier. I am down to just a couple of pairs of pants that fit me at all, none without a muffin-top. This is not good for my wardrobe, bank account, health or self esteem!
But I am taking action. I've started a 30 day trial of Curves through the Avon/Curves Fitness Study. I worked out at Curves twice last week (then we were out of town), and I went yesterday. This morning I walked two miles and did some weights with a friend at her appartment's gym.
I'm trying to make better choices at meal times without being on a "diet". I'm really bad at diets. I'd much rather not have the things I love be off limits because if its off limits it just makes me want them more!
Its not exactly the Biggest Loser or anything but I could use your prayers as I try to get healthier for me and my family's sake!

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Lora said...

you've got them!
I love when women take the attitude that they want to be HEALTHY for themselves and their families. There is too much of this "I just want to be thin" nonsense floating around.

Keep us posted!