Saturday, May 16, 2009

TV Season's End... Now on to Summer Blockbusters!

Sigh... as you may have noticed... our favorite tv shows are ending their seasons and going on their annual summer hiatus. Here were the season finales that I was entranced by (spoiler alert):

Grey's Anatomy: Well, Izzie got cancer. Married Alex (when Meredith and Derek were supposed to be getting married). In the final episode George joined the army and then ends up a John Doe in the ER after saving a girl from getting hit by a bus. And Izzie survives the dangerous surgery but has lost her long term memory. Derek and Meredith get married on a sticky note. Then in the final minutes George and Izzie meet in the afterlife (or something like that). Sigh... it was sad but surprisingly I did not cry.

The Office: The staff goes to the company picnic. Michael reunites with Holly for a skit that bombs. Scranton kicks butt in the volleyball tournament. Michael passes up the chance to tell Holly he still has feelings for her but has hope that they will eventually end up together. Jim and Pam find out they are pregnant! Aw!

Heroes: This season Nathan started hunting down people with abilities. ThenAngela Petrelli let us see how "the company" was formed all those years ago. Sylar met his dad. We got to see Nathan die and Sylar become Nathan. Now Mrs. Petrelli and HRG are back to lying to their families again. This season was not quite as good as the first couple, the writing was a little cheesy at times. Who knows what next season holds!

Biggest Loser: My sis and friend and I watched the second half of this Loser season religiously. We were really rooting for Tara and were a little let down that Helen won. Two older contests won. That was unexpected! And if America had voted Ron into the final three then Michael would have won the at home prize! Ha! That kind of amuses me. It has motivated me to get more active though.

Lost: So much happens in this show its hard to recap. The Oceanic Six made it back to the island and ruined the love nest Sawyer and Juliet had set up in Darmaville. Sayid tried to kill Ben but Kate took him to the Others to save him. We found out that Elloise Hawkins (Ellie) and Charles Whidmore are Daniel Faraday's parents. And it ended with a bang (maybe) when Jack tried to blow up the island and change the past/future. Whew. I have been trying to catch my sister up as she has just recently started watching the show. Its so challenging trying to fill in all the blanks for her when I have so many questions still myself. I am really hoping that the final season ties up some lose ends for us!

** I am not a regular watcher of Private Practice but did see the finale and I was freaking out! I will have to watch the season premeire just to see what happens!

So... there you have my quickie recaps of the shows that I am hooked on. Let me know what your faves are. It will be a long summer without new episodes! What will we watch in their absence?
I guess I will probably hit the theaters a few times for some much anticipated movies that will be coming out soon! I'm particularly looking forward to: The Proposal, My Sister's Keeper, Transformers 2, My Life In Ruins, The Ugly Truth, and Julie & Julia. Most of these are romantic comedies that I'll probably watch with my girlfriends but I might talk my hubby into seeing a couple together! What movies are you hoping to see this summer?


Isaac said...

Of course I'll see a couple with you... probably not all of them though...
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Yup, The Office was great. Pop and I were watching it downstairs when Jim & Pam found out about the baby, and we heard Kyle exclaiming from upstairs. He was like "Pregnant?! OMG!"
I laughed.