Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New To Do List

I have had a growing "to do list" lately and it never seems to get done. Sometimes that really bothers me. I am one of those people that gets a certain amount of satisfaction from checking things off of my list and would really get satisfaction from having a completed list. But alas, some things just keep getting rolled over onto the next list and the next list. Its a vicious cycle.
And then I think about what is on those lists: grocery shop, email so-and-so about such-and-such, vacuum living room, plan playdate with Nate's friend, update calendar, plan church event, clean bathroom, clip coupons, meal plan, etc... All are things that need to be done but what eternal value is found in these things? Some more than others. I was feeling less satisfaction from checking those things off of my list as I thought of more important things that were not ending up on those lists. So I have created a new list. It is not one that I will check things off of. These are ongoing things that I want to strive to do daily, weekly, whatever. These are things that may include some of those old things but they give them more importance and value than just the task alone. Here is what I have so far.
- Spend time with the Lord so that I can feel Him guiding me in my daily life
- Show and Tell my family and friends that I love them
- Play and have fun with my kids and husband that we may enjoy one another
- Help manage our family's finances and resources so that we can make the most with what God has blessed us with
- Feed my family healthy meals and encourage an active lifestyle so that we might have long lives together
- Teach my children about Christ, character, and the 3 R's that they may grow in spirit and knowledge
- Keep track of our family calendar that we may have balance in our life, time with friends and family, time for relaxation, time for work, etc
- Read to my boys that they may learn to love to read on their own someday
- Minister to the needs of my husband so that he will feel loved and respected and appreciated
- Be an encouragement and support to my friends and family that we may edify one another
- Find ways to be active in my church and community that I may grow in the body of Christ and show unbelievers His love and life

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