Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Joe has become much more mobile than he used to be. While he is just shy of crawling Joe is finding his groove with rolling, transitioning to sitting and lunging in addition to scooting on his bottom. He is crossing the room to get to a toy or a person. He actually gets into things now so we're having to be more aware of where we leave stuff. The coffee table is no longer a "safe zone". We are certainly thankful for this progress.

Joe is nearing his third birthday. Sadly this means he will be aging out of the First Steps system and into the school system for his therapy. So we will soon be going through another evaluation, setting more goals, meeting new therapists and teachers... sigh... I wish we could just stay in First Steps! ;-)

** Joe just had a check up with the ophthalmologist and she said everything looks good with his eyes. No signs of anything unusual. She said we can switch to getting checkups every six months instead of every three.


Forgetfulone said...

Good news about his mobility. Stay positive!

I have a fun award/assignment for you. Come check my blog!

Katy said...

Came here from Ellen's place. . .

We've just begun the transition process for my son who will turn three in June. I'd apprehensive, but also excited about the new possibilities.