Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hubby's B-day

Since things are still settling down around here Isaac's birthday was spent a little low key this year. We are not yet able to get away for a "normal" date since I'm nursing. But we did manage to get some special time together. And Isaac is saving up to get a custom guitar (it might be awhile ;-), so I didn't really get him a gift either. However, I did make him the breakfast of his choice, we spent the whole day together and then went out to dinner as a family.
We keep things simple for the most part. We do not often get each other fancy gifts or take expensive trips. But I am confident that we share a love that very few people experience. There is no doubt that God brought us together and He has His hand over us and our life that we share. What a blessing to have a partner who is a wonderful husband and father as he strives daily to lead our family in a godly manner. I am especially thankful for my husband on this day - his birthday. I love you, honey.

My lover is
mine and I am his... Song of Solomon 2:16

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