Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2x4 photo holder

Well... first off I have to get better at taking step by step pix of projects. Sorry, its a work in progress. Anyway, I was inspired by How Does She's 2x4 projects. We did the 2x4 Christmas trees awhile back and then recently I decided to make a modified version of this photo holder and this one. Though now that I'm looking back at those projects again... mine is way more different than I was thinking it was... Isn't it weird how we get our ideas sometimes?

My supplies were:
2x4 blocks (mine were about 5-6in long)
ModPodge or decoupage medium
scrapbook paper
small wood shapes
giant paper clips (I got mine at the dollar store)
sand paper
paint brush
hot glue gun
*optional embellishments: rub-ons, vinyl letters, etc
We traced our blocks and wood shapes onto the backside of the coordinating scrapbook papers and cut them out. Then we ModPodged the paper onto the wood pieces/blocks and let them dry.Once they were dry I scuffed up the edges a bit with the sand paper for a distressed look. Then I embellished and hot glued the pieces together.The wood shape was mostly to cover the ugly plastic shape that was on the giant paperclips. I tried to cut them off but they were on there pretty good. I really like the dimension that the shapes added though.
There is so much versatility with this project. You could match to almost any decor or style. I was planning on these being used for door prizes at our church's ladies retreat next month... but I might have to keep one for myself! ;-)

** I must amend this post and say that my hot glue did not hold well. I had to go back with super glue later to fix them.

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Anonymous said...

These are super cute!! Did you have little hands to help you with this?? My daughter would be all over this project!!