Thursday, February 03, 2011


In case you have not been around the past few days there has been a LOT of snow/ice in the midwest. For all the hype that there was before the big storms hit, I did not think it really was not all that bad. They made it sound like the end of the world or something.
But things have definitely been on the slow side this week. Joe's school has had three snow days in a row. All of our activities and outings (the library, a homeschool fieldtrip, etc) have been canceled this week. The kids and I have not left the house in four days. Here is the rundown of what we have done:
- baked choc chip muffins
- watched Wizard of Oz (Nate's first time - he loved it.
- He goes around singing "If I were King of the Forest")
- burned a batch of banana bread because I forgot to change the temp of the oven after the choc chip muffins :-(
- stayed in our PJs all day
- I made about a a dozen phone calls about doctor/insurance stuff (I am so OVER IT!!)
- made french toast
- cleaned up puke cause Nate was sick one day (YUCK!)
- got caught up on laundry
- watched about a dozen food/cooking shows
- I preplanned a few blog posts
- put together a few puzzles
- made pork chops and mashed potatoes
- talked spring break road trip details with Jess - its still in the works but we're kind of getting excited!
- sit as a family and listen to Isaac play guitar a couple times
- read books with Nate
- Isaac did our taxes (thankful we're getting a decent return!)
- watched Change of Plans
- got a few crafts done that had been sitting idle for awhile
- made hot chocolate for Nate every time he decided to brave the cold and ice to play outside (alone because I'm a pansy)
- spent way too much time on facebook and blog hopping
hhhmmm... I guess that sums it up pretty well.

*I borrowed the cool ice pix from my friend Rita. I kind of stole it off of her facebook. I haven't ventured out to take pix of the icy wonderland. I told you, I'm a pansy! ;-)

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Becky said...

I love that you admitted to being unwilling to go out in the snow! I always make hubby do it ;) And, wow - you were super productive!!