Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4yrs Old!

Sunday we celebrated Joe's fourth birthday with our families. We kicked off the party with a guys against girls (who's idea was that?) puzzle race/contest. Sadly, the boys beat us girls. sigh... we blamed it on them having an easier puzzle and one of the guys mixed up our pieces... but regardless of the reasons they still beat us. ;-)

I was pretty proud of the "Ham" & "Green Alien" cupcakes that I made (with Isaac's assistance) for the party. You can find tutorials for the pig cupcakes HERE and the green alien cupcakes HERE.
Joe had such a blast. He really enjoyed having all the family around. He hopped around the room with such a big smile on his face the whole afternoon.
Isaac helped him with the presents and of course the paper was more interesting than the presents but we're getting used to that! He did get some really great gifts though. Eventually the tissue paper ended up being used to pellet Pappy.
After awhile the kids settled down for naps and quiet play and the lingering "grownups" played Kemps. I haven't played this card game since youth group - many many years ago. I forgot how much fun it is. And how bad I am at it. ;-)
Anyway, it ended up being a really nice day with our families. Thanks to everyone for helping to make Joe's birthday special! Love you guys!


Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Joe! I love the cupcakes, awesome!

Forgetfulone said...

Happy birthday, Joe. Just read your update, too. Love those cupcakes! Sounds like everyone had fun.