Saturday, March 19, 2011

Christine's latest

After what seemed to me a very long and frustrating couple of months Christine has finally started her First Steps therapy. We are blessed to have the same physical therapist that we had for the two years that Joe was in First Steps. And the new OT seems really great. I'm glad to be getting things moving with both of them.
Same as Joe's post: Yesterday we visited a physical therapist on a consultant basis. She doesn't take our insurance but she came highly recommended by a family member and our old First Steps PT, so when my aunt was able to make arrangements for us to get a consultation with her we were thankful for the opportunity. She had some suggestions for supplements and treatments that could help with Christine's development. So we will probably be pursuing orthotics, new supplements and potentially getting craniosacral therapy.
Recently we have noticed Christine becoming more interactive, more interested in toys and babbling more. She is still happy go lucky most of the time but she has begun to have some separation anxiety at times. Its been encouraging to see these new skills emerging in her. She has been gnawing like crazy as a result of cutting a couple new teeth in the past couple of weeks - two in the last day! She's up to seven now (four top and three bottom). Its changed her smile so much! I love her toothy grins! So cute!

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Great news!

She sure is precious! Cute little dress too.