Friday, March 18, 2011

Whats Goin' On with Joe

Joe had had a busy month or so. He had his annual visit with the opthalmologist at Riley (because Joe has the RBI gene we have to have regular checkups to make sure he is not developing tumors in his eyes). Once again we are thankful that the opthalmologist gave us another good report regarding Joe's eyes.
We had his IEP at school and that went about as expected. He still qualifies for the same services, developmental preschool M-F and PT, OT and Speech therapy 45min each per week.
Yesterday we visited a physical therapist on a consultant basis. She doesn't take our insurance but she came highly recommended by a family member and our old First Steps PT, so when my aunt was able to make arrangements for us to get a consultation with her we were thankful for the opportunity. I think unconsciously I had high expectations for this visit. A part of me was hoping that she would have some miraculous insight that would give us the"real" answers that have seemed to elude us thus far. But she did not. She did however give some suggestions for supplements and treatments that could help Joe's development. So we will probably be pursuing new orthotics, new supplements and potentially getting craniosacral therapy.
We are currently awaiting the completion of Joe's new wheelchair. The one he is using right now is a hand-me-down and doesn't fit him at all. We went from a second hand chair that was much too small to one that is much too big. We are looking forward to having one that was made for him.

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