Monday, September 26, 2011

Heritage Festival and Craft Booth

Over the past few months a few girls and I have been working on crafts together and we decided to brave a craft booth together. It seemed like a good idea to get a more people so that the investment would be less. But as you might imagine it got complicated the more people we got involved. None of us has any experience doing a craft booth before... so we're all learning as we go.

We all worked really hard making what we decided to call "Frugal Fashions". We wanted cute accessories for girls and moms that were inexpensive. We all pitched in and everything came together very nicely. We were all proud of how nice both our merchandise and the booth looked.
The weather threatened rain all day. I think it might have scared some people away. We had a steady trickle of customers most of the day, but not a huge amount of sales. While we each made a little bit of money in the end, I doubt anyone even covered their expenses. We all have a lot of merchandise left. Some will be donated to Operation Christmas Child and some will be listed on my Etsy store.

Here we all are at the end of the long day... It was fun doing it together... but it may be awhile before we do another. It was a lot of work for not much money. I think we may have to scope out some craft fairs this year and see which ones people really go to buy. Anyway, thanks for all your hard work, girls! I love ya!


danielle said...

My friend did a craft show and had the same problem. Your booth looked cute though and at least you had a lot of people to share with!

Briana said...

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