Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Lollipop T-shirt TaDa!

Awhile ago I found this great tutorial from Ruffles and Stuff for these super cute Lollipop T-shirts. Last week I finally got around to giving it a go! What do you think? The purple one was my first attempt...
I liked the purple one but I was a little happier with the orange one. Originally I intended to give them away but I may not be able to part with the orange one! ;-)
So cute!

I'm linking up with Vintage WannaBee's Talent Tuesday! Check it out!

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Disney said...

Oh! I LOVE them both! And it's so funny, in the original tutorial I almost used matching fabric on the bottom of the shirt, just like your orange one. Now I wish I had, it looks great! Thanks so much for sending me your link. :O)