Friday, February 24, 2012

Handwriting Woes

This picture is deceiving because Nate HATES to do his handwriting lessons. Some days he moans and groans and takes hours to do just a couple of pages. Not because its difficult, just because he doesn't like it.
I have been struggling with what I should do. Do I force him to do it? Should I add even more pages for having a bad attitude? Should I find another workbook to use? How do I make handwriting fun? Its one subject I've had trouble finding ways to liven it up.
Currently the compromise that I have come up with (that seems to be working for the moment) is this: fewer pages in the dreaded workbook, but more writing assignments worked into other subjects; like writing his bible memory verses, or having to write a few sentences about the chapter he read in a book, etc. This seems to meet my need for handwriting practice but also helping Nate to avoid something that he hates so much. He doesn't seem to mind writing so much when he feels like he has a little more freedom to be creative.

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Forgetfulone said...

I think that's an awesome solution! And writing about something you've read or learned reinforces other skills as well. Good work!