Monday, February 06, 2012

Vids of my kids...

I finally got around to uploading all the videos that have been building up on the video camera for over two years onto the computer. Nate helped me pick out one of each of the kids to share with you all.

Here is a video of Nate reading a story that he wrote. This was taken last fall.

Here is a recent video of Joe taking steps in his walker. We are so excited about the progress he has made.

Over the past few weeks Christine has taken off in the area of self feeding. She is drinking out of a straw and picking up and feeding herself bites. So cute!!

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Julie R said...

These videos are so cute! I love how Nate is cheering Joe on by singing "Joe, Joe, Joe..." Hooray Joe! I didn't know he was taking steps in his walker. I was also reminded how beautiful Christine's eyes are. Just beautiful! Nate is just as spunky and smart as always!