Thursday, April 04, 2013

Jewelry Storage

Last fall my mom asked me to make her something to store her necklaces and other jewelry in for Christmas.  Sadly I had already gotten her a gift (have I mentioned that I'm an early shopper?).  So when her birthday came around I knew exactly what to do for her.
I was inspired by a few projects I had seen on Pinterest like these:
Sunlit Spaces has a post that shared links to 9 different jewelry storage ideas.

But in the end it was this one that inspired my mom's gift.  I was unable to find a type tray with appropriate size partitions in it but after scouring our local Goodwill for months I found a wood silverware tray that I thought would suffice nicely. 

I ModPodged scrapbook paper into each compartment for added color.  Then I used a couple different sizes of ceiling hooks and screwed them into each partition.  I used open hooks for necklaces and closed eye hooks for earrings.  Not a picture perfect project but I am pretty proud of it!  And my mom loves it!  What more could I ask for?  ;-)

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