Saturday, April 06, 2013

Spring Break - Stay-cation

Our spring break was less than exciting.  The hubs doesn't have much vacation time and since he and I are going away for our 10yr anniversary at the end of April he had none to spare for spring break.  The kids and I tried to have a little fun and get out and about a bit though.
Nate and I did a little baking...
We hung out with Darth Vader... er, I mean my nephew.  ;-)
and my adorable niece!
We went to the Children's Museum with some friends...
Hubs and I went on a date...
And there was all of Joe's birthday festivities... those are my two crazy nephews at Joe's party.  ;-)
And we had Easter celebrations with our church and family.  

Not exciting so much.  But we managed to have a good time in there.  ;-)  Now I'm counting down to our anniversary trip.  Its our first cruise!  Can't wait!

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