Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Lord's Table

If you know me or have followed my blog for awhile you probably know that my weight has been an issue most of my life. I have been anywhere from a size 8 (senior year of high school) to a size 20.  I am an emotional eater and that encompasses sad, stressed, excited, celebratory... any of those emotions could induce unnecessary eating.  I have realized that I have been using food as a band aid to ease my pain during a sad or stressful time. I've probably gained 15-25lbs just in the last year or two.  The first few sneak up on you and you think its no big deal.  But then a few turn into ten which turns into twenty and it feels overwhelming.
When I started the study in mid-March I weighed in at 205lbs.... I hadn't weighed that much since before I had Nate (except for while pregnant - which totally does not count ;-).  Not to mention I was down to only two pairs of pants that fit (barely) and they would not fit for long if I continued on the path I was on.  Not a proud day.  I was munching off and on throughout the day.  Not on apples and healthy things but on chips and chocolate... its clearly not been working for me.
I am thankful that there are resources out there like Setting Captives Free that provide a program to address the heart of my eating issues.  The Lord's Table is 60-Day interactive course will teach you to enjoy a newfound relationship with the Lord. You will find freedom from the sin of gluttony, by learning to follow biblical and practical ways, as you daily proceed through this course. If you binge and or purge or starve or exercise to excess, we recommend the In His Image course.
I have been pretty consistent with the eating plan (with only a couple of slip ups - that Easter candy killed me!).  I have worked out a few times but not yet gotten into a regular exercise routine.  But I am hoping to start walking in the mornings once it gets nice out.  This spring weather has been wonky here in Indiana!  

However, I have not been as consistent with doing the daily devotionals.  I have good intentions when I get up in the morning but my days get away from me quickly and by the time the kids go to bed I don't feel like I have enough energy (physically or mentally) to do it in the evening.  I know that my real issue is with my heart and not with food. I am working at making it a priority to spend time in the Word and in prayer daily.  Frankly its been years since I had a regular quiet time.  Its been hit or miss for a long time now and I know its something that I desperately need in my life.  

Its been about six weeks since I started.  I have lost about 10 lbs.  While part of me wishes it was more, I know that slow and steady wins the weight-loss "race" and I know that for me the important part of this journey right now is not the number on the scale but the state of my heart.  I have a long way to go in both areas.  Its still a work in progress but I know that God is doing a good work in me every day.  

Please say a prayer for me as I continue on this journey toward a healthier life both physically and spiritually.

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.  -  Philippians 1:6 NASB

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Julie R said...

I love your honesty. This is a topic that so many people will identify with, no matter what size they are. It is so hard to eat well and so difficult not to eat too much of the things that are bad for us, especially during stressful times. And finding quiet time to spend with the Lord can be so difficult when so many other things are tugging at us, and when we do have time, it's so easy to run to the computer for a little break from reality, etc. I've been struggling with that too. Thanks for sharing.