Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Shapes and Colors

I think I saw something like this in a magazine or on another blog. But we gave it a shot the other day and Nate loved it. We already had the foam shapes. So we just got the muffin pan out and started sorting them by shape and color. He didn't quite stick to the plan the whole time... after awhile he dumped the whole thing but he had fun. And eventually he helped clean up afterward. But its always nice to find a toddler activity that is fun and educational.


forgetfulone said...

Great idea!

I think I forgot to tell you this, but I received my package the other day, and I've already been through the entire magazine, and I love the embellishments. Thanks SO much!

Kevin said...

I remember my mom always coaxing me into the not so fun "Fun and Educational" Games. Every summer i had to do something. Thanks for bringing back the supressed memories of summers past. haha

glad he enjoyed it.

congrats on the supermom website thing.

JAN said...

Looks like fun! Barrett enjoys things like that too.