Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about WANI

I am the oldest. The first child. My parents let me try everything. I finished very little. Sadly I still display that trait still in some areas of life.

Thirteen Things I NEVER FINISHED ( failed at )

1. Dance - I took lessons one or two years... not so great a dancer.

2. Tumbling - I took a tumble and that was enough for me.

3. Violin - yeah... not a pretty sound!

4. Softball - I was so bad that the other kids' parents paid me $1 for every run(or was it hit?) that I got.

5. Catholic School - I had dyslexia and the teacher wasn't very sensitive to my needs and so my mom took me out and homeschooled me. THANKS MOM!

6. Swimming - I can swim but I didn't quite have the skills to be on the team.

7. Piano - I took it for several years but can probably only play Mary Had A Little Lamb now.

8. Soccer - I think one season was all I played.

9. Sign Language & Spanish- I know the alphabet and a few words. Thats about it.

10. Gymnastics - I've always been kind of a big girl... big girls shouldn't be throwing their bodies around like that.

11. AirBrushing - my parents did party rentals while I was growing up and encouraged me to buy the equipment to do airbrush tattoos for parties, etc. I only had a few jobs before I sold the equipment.

12. Becoming a Writer - I did alot of writing in jr. high and highschool. Short stories and such. But its clear now that my sister is the real writer in the family.

13. Numerous Book, Crafts & Projects - I often get an idea and run with it only to let an unfinished project fall to the wayside as I move on to something new.

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Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I'm so with you on the not finishing thing. I have a hard time finishing books, craft projects, blogs...on and on. I need to be committed more! I played clarinet for nearly two years and remember zippo of that. French for two years, another big zilch. Gotta get better at this finishing thing I tell ya!

yasmin said...

I'm a Virgo and a perfectionist and unfortunately if I can't do it perfect I don't want to do it all so I have a lot of unfinished projects...sigh. I too started dance, and piano lessons and stopped after a year or two...but you know what it's never too late to do some of the things on your list...and if you really want to you's to finishing one of them. ;)
Thanks for sharing and please visit me:

Anonymous said...

I am the fourth child and I can relate to too many of these.

Writing is the one thing I keep striving to perfect.


Jerine said...

i've got the same problem with #13. Now my room is piled up with unfinished projects and my boyfriend always gotta throw it away before it turns into nuisance.

tabbikat said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, part of being a kid is getting to try things to find out whether you are good at them or not. And all those unfinished things, oh well, maybe someday you will finish them and maybe you won't, life goes on.

forgetfulone said...

You're a jack (Jill) of all trades! Very intersting, all the things you've tried.

Missy said...

Hey there! What a small little world! I just started blogging this summer and found you from one of the Works for Me Wednesday posts. I'll have to bookmark your blog - it looks really cute!

Cahya said...

Just enjoy like a water flow.