Monday, August 18, 2008


I think its kind of funny how blogging is so different for everyone. I've noticed that it kind of comes in spurts for me, and my reason for blogging changes every so often. For awhile I was blogging daily, maybe more. But lately... its been a few times a week or so. Maybe its because WFMW is on hiatus! Ha!

I have four blogs. One for my photography business, one for pix and stories about my boys, one for me to post about my life and hobbies and one that I've started up for encouraging the ladies in my church. I think they're different and serve different purposes both to me as the author and to the readers.

I do really enjoy blogging. I like the writing aspect of it. I used to write alot in jr high and high school - mostly short stories then. Its nice for me to record what is going on in our lives for us to remember later. I sometimes use blog posts as journaling in my scrapbooking. I will admit, I do find it easier to blog about some things than I do to actually talk about them. Obviously, I don't want blogging to replace real relationships that I have in my life, but its nice to have this as an outlet for those things that are hard to talk about. And of course, I like the community aspect of blogging too. Getting comment love from other bloggers is one of the best perks of blogging! Checking out other blogs and meeting other bloggers like me is great.


Anonymous said...

I'll just babble about stuff... I think people read it... they may just come to see what questions I'm going to ask today... but I don't care. It's fun to let it out.

Sniz said...

Very sweet, Wani. You expressed it so well...I feel that way too.