Sunday, December 05, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Craft

So, I get lots of crafty ideas on blogs and such. Some of them are ideas I love but will never get around to doing... and others I adapt to fit my own needs or improvise with supplies that I already have on hand. Here is one such project!
I will admit it took a couple of days to complete because I didn't really have a long stretch of time to devote to it. Plus I wanted to involve Nate in the project and as you know, that made it take even longer. So: Here is the link to the inspiration for this craft.
In the inspiration project she used library card envelopes which were adorable. But I already had a bunch of 4x8 envelopes that I got for free from the Hallmark lady at Walmart. So I just cut them in half and used a circle punch to make it easier to access the card inside. I used sturdy card board for the inside cards so they would stand the test of time but layered decorative paper on top. I cut out squares of Christmas scrapbook paper and Nate helped me to glue them to the envelopes. I used circle punches and made circles then Nate stenciled the numbers on them. The activities on the inside cards were printed off then cut and pasted on. After all that work it has been fun to open a new envelope every day with Nate and have a fun new activity to do together to get in spirit of Christmas.

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