Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 Things from 2010

This is more a top ten random things - not necessarily favorite. ;-) You'll see why.

1. I turned 30! Its not that bad. But I still feel weird marking the 30+ box when I fill out forms and surveys.

2. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl! She brightens my days with her precious smiles.

3. Finally re-decorated our master bedroom. Love it!

4. There was a record (for my family) 6 babies born within six months of each other! Five girls and one boy!

5. Joe aged out of First Steps and started developmental pre-school. It has been a big but good transition.

6. Nate started kindergarten (we're homeschooling). Though some days we do more first or second grade stuff than kindergarten. Nate can easily read a level 1 reader on his own and can do simple addition in his head. He's a smart kid.

7. I went to something like 5 weddings and 4 baby showers this year. And with all those weddings there are bound to be a few more baby showers next year too! ;-)

8. I picked up sewing. Its about time since I got my sewing machine two Christmases ago. I have really enjoyed being able to make gifts this year. Its so fun to create something special for people. Its much more personal than buying something.

9. I have tried to keep it real and be more transparent with people. I have let more people see me vulnerable, had people over when my house was messy, I have shared fears and frustrations that I might have held inside before. Its been scary and liberating at the same time.

10. This year I have learned (or been reminded) that I am impatient, self doubting, discontent, and pessimistic. I am also: caring, willing to learn, faithful, and creative. I am working on choosing daily to focus on the positives instead of the negatives. Its a work in progress. ;-)

Anyway... goodbye 2010... Hello 2011!! Happy New Year everyone!!

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