Monday, December 13, 2010

Kids' Christmas Craft!

My friend and I wanted to get together to do a holiday craft with our kiddos this season. I said I hated that so many kids crafts are disposable. So after some scoping online I found THIS tutorial and knew it was just what we were looking for. So simple and with supervision the kids did great.
All we needed was a few 2x4s cut down to size (6in, 5in, 4in, 3in and 2in). We used Mod Podge to add the scrapbook paper to the front.Then we used Gorilla glue to attach the blocks of wood together. Then we hot glued the embellishments on. And there you have it - our version of the 2x4 Christmas tree! ;-)

Also... I made these two kids aprons for the girls. So simple... I just used an apron that Nate had from the dollar store as a template and then trimmed them out with bias tape and added ribbon ties. Easy as pie!
I think the girls were almost as excited about the aprons as I was! ;-) How cute are they??

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